Robyn Silbey...

...motivates Pre-K through Grade 12 educators and students to value the elegance and power of mathematics. Using the Common Core State Content Standards and the Standards for Mathematical Practice for curriculum and instructional delivery, Robyn prepares districts and campuses for a growth-mindset learning environment. Her mini-courses and workshops foster productive persistence for both educators and students.

Robyn's campus visits feature customized demonstration lessons, planning sessions, and personalized professional explorations. Teachers develop a healthy, growth mindset toward mathematics--which ensures deeper understanding and higher assessment scores for students. Contact Robyn today!

It Takes a School to model 1,000,000

Robyn Silbey gives a talk on April 16, 2015 at the Math Forum and NCTM Ignite event at the 2015 NCTM Annual Conference in Boston.

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A Math Fairy Tale that Makes Sense

Five-minute trial-by-fire IGNITE session from the 2013 NCSM Conference.

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Mathematical Practices: Mathematics for Teachers

Activities, Models, and Real-Life Examples