Consulting Services

Leadership Training

Five-day, three-day, and one-day courses for administrators, district-wide math leaders, and site-based specialists and coaches. Sample workshops are listed, but every workshop is customized to align with your goals. 

Move Instruction into the Future Now!
The Math Coach: Goals and Roles
Learning Lenses
Value-Added Coaching: Drill Down and Reach Out

Campus Visits

Staffs learn best practices through job-embedded, on-site visits. Services include demonstration lessons, guided planning, focused observations, and data analysis. Intensive, work with teacher teams result in a growth-mindset change and paradigm shift for everyone.

On-Campus Lesson Study
Sequential Observations:
Focused Professional Growth

Curriculum Progressions and Instructional Delivery

Mini-courses and workshops delve deeply into mathematics content with a focus on processes and practices, problem solving, and a vertical progression of targeted strands. Deciding what to teach is only part of the planning. Teachers must think about how the material can best be learned for deep understanding and why it should be connected to other math concepts and real-life experiences.

Parent and Community Outreach

How can families best help their children deeply understand mathematics? Ask Robyn about how to reach out to parents or the community at large. Robyn will plan and facilitate PTA meetings, after-school or evening math functions, and other community-buiding experiences.