Praise for Robyn

Read what others are saying about Robyn, her workshops, and her campus visits.

Hi Robyn,
Bringing my students to the carpet and asking them to turn and talk to a neighbor was scary for me, but the kids did a great job! They talked about how they found 16 – 8. I heard a student say, "I know 8 + 8 =16 so 16 – 8 must be 8." Students helped each other when a neighbor had the wrong answer by explaining what they did wrong. I was worried about noise level and off-task talking, but again they were great. Robyn, thank you for showing me that it isn't scary to give up some control in my classroom!!

M. Bierley--Baltimore, MD

Hi Robyn,
I felt so rejuvenated about work after spending two full days with you! Our time together is always so focused and aligned to the real work that needs to be done at Maury. My math content has grown considerably since working with you. I know to push myself to think logically and with reason when analyzing math content in the planning and execution of lessons. I feel so fortunate to have had the chance to work so closely these past two years.

N. Rabiah--Washington, DC

Hi Robyn, 
It was a pleasure having your present to our faculty on Wednesday.   Your presentation was not only informative, but also engaging for the participants.  I can't wait to see some bar modeling in the classrooms as I visit them!

D. Wysong--Baltimore, MD

Our 10th grade math scores were 77% and our 11th grade math scores were 83%. The kids with 83% started out with freshman scores of 49% two years ago. Wow! You know you’re a big part of the reason we’ve improved.

S. Clark--Amarillo, Texas

Robyn is an exceptional help in building the culture of commitment and changing the pedagogy of all in math.

L. Jenkins--Bremerton, Washington

Your detailed campus review is exactly the type of feedback we need. I see dramatic improvement with my teachers' math classes and feel that you are "in the rooms". They are focused on all the right things and questioning techniques and their understanding of what students needed to know and be able to do is very clear. Great work!

M.Cordell--Washington, DC

Our TAKS scores are back and our math department improved by 20 points! You rock!

D. Vasquez--Lubbock, Texas

You really did a marvelous job last week. I want to commend you on your curriculum knowledge, platform skills, and ability to work constructively with a large group. Thanks so much for your role in our efforts.

D. Stone--Peabody, Massachusetts

Dear Robyn,
Look at our most recent benchmarks! I strongly believe working with you is why we made significant gains. My teachers really embraced what you told them and SEEING you do it in their classrooms with our kids and then planning with them...well, there just isn't a substitute for that kind of deep and meaningful work.

J. Hargrove--Duncanville, Texas

Hi Robyn,
Last week was terrific.  When I explained the vision in my head for what I wanted to accomplish while you were here I had no doubt that we would create something magical.  And, indeed we did.  Last week was transformative.  I appreciate the way we work together and have a symbiotic relationship.  I so see the big picture and you take that big picture and fill it with the most amazing details!  Thank you for taking my vision and making it work!!!  Our campus is going to move forward because of the progress the math department made last week. 

C. Ritter--Amarillo, Texas

Hi Robyn,
I loved your workshop on Writing in Math. As an ESL specialist, I was thrilled to find ways to get my math colleagues to connect to students on a language level. I also felt that if I had been taught math in the way you suggest, I might not be "math-phobic" now! Thanks so much for giving one of the highlight presentations of my ASCD experience.

D. Reed--Montreal, QC

Thank you for coming to my district and sharing your expertise. I really have enjoyed taking your great ideas into my classroom. My students know your name and really have loved the graphic organizers, explaining their processes in words, and so on. They knew that leaving them today would only mean that tomorrow, I would come back with some really "cool" stuff.

M. Oliver--Washington, DC

Dear Robyn,
Thanks for all the effort you put into making pre-service such a success. Your professionalism and dedication make a difference for our staff and students. I look forward to a great year of collaboration and success.

K. Jones--Silver Spring, Maryland

You do such an amazing job. You are a great motivator and an excellent teacher. In the real world, it is difficult to maintain momentum, spirit, and energy every day. Your enthusiasm inspires me. Thank you for taking the time to be with us. Countless lives are touched directly and indirectly by you!

D. Snure--St. Lucie, Florida

Dear Robyn,
Thank you for a wonderful day of learning. I have heard from many of our facilitators and coordinators thanking us for bringing them training so directly related to what they do every day! Your words of wisdom and style of presentation was just what we were looking for to reflect on and support our work with teachers.

D. Stofko--Prince William, Virginia

Dear Robyn,
You are wonderful-- and welcome anytime you are in Houston - we would love to have you back and we will work on having that happen.

V. Kunschik--Crowley, Texas